The Empire State Trail: Talking Teamwork with Kristie Di Cocco

June 3, 2019

Blog 3 of 4 about the Empire State Trail When complete, the Empire State Trail will be the longest multi-use trail in the US. We caught up with Kristie Di Cocco, one of Alta’s senior engineering associates working on this project. Who are the key players? Are there other organizations or stakeholders that were involved […]

Six Wayfinding Principles that Make Communities Easier to Navigate

October 2, 2017

Well-crafted wayfinding systems encourage people walking and bicycling to go that extra mile, explore new areas, and foster a sense of place. Wayfinding systems can also encourage increased rates of active transportation by creating a clear and attractive network that is easy to understand and navigate. Places that are arranged intuitively so that we can […]

From Small Town to “Trail Town”

March 21, 2017

What makes a community a great place? The ingredients of placemaking include branding, signage, and environmental graphics that complement and reinforce the efforts of planners, engineers, and landscape architects to create great streets, trails, neighborhoods, and districts. The city of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, population 4,600, is an example of small town placemaking done well. […]

Hiking and Wayfinding in the Swiss Alps

November 17, 2015

By Jason Reyes, AICP, Associate, Alta Planning + Design While traveling in October, I was impressed by Switzerland’s wayfinding system for hiking. It’s a simple system, but it is applied consistently in each city and rural area throughout the country is what makes it so useful. They are simply yellow signs that state the name […]

Using Bicycle Simulators for Wayfinding Improvements

August 19, 2015

by Kevin Neill, Planner at Alta Planning + Design Wayfinding signs are not just for tourists and visitors to your city, although the metaphor is a good one. Think back to the last time you were on vacation, traveling through a city for the first time. Everything was foreign — the streets, the buildings, even the rhythm […]